* 3/4 Inch Wide*Rich Red & Bronze Rubbed Embossed Leather
* Black Round Rhinestones
* Chrome Accents* Purple Italian Croco Embossed Leather Liner* Nickle Plated Conway Buckle * Metal Pearl Bead Chain Edging * Branding Button* 3 inch growth margin
* Custom size available

We hope you will enjoy the love and craftsmanship that goes into every Bella K9 Bling design. Different seasons of the calendar and life call for different expressions of celebration. Bella K9 Bling looks forward to creating and providing designs that help to externally express a BIG dog's inner beauty externally for every occasion.
The BLING is BIG, but releases are limited to assure quick delivery time. Check our site frequently for new and available collections."Inspired by love, motivated by creativity." Who is your dog wearing? Made in America by BellaK9Bling.com

.75" Collar Red Velvet Venetian Cookie