* Numbered from Limited Edition

*2.75-inch wide hair-on-hide collar
*Marine conchos
*Ruby Red & Amber Gold Rhinestones
*Fits 20"-38" Neck
* Hair-On-Hide Leather Top
* Purple Italian Croco Embossed Leather Liner
* Welded Stainless Steel Martingale
* Easy Transfer ENGRAVABLE Name Fob
* Steel Pear-Bead Chain Edging 
* Pocket for 
    - Doggy Bags
    - Puppy Tracker
    - Registration Tags
    - Coffee Cash
    - Etc.
* Branding Conchos
* Small 17"-23" 
* Med 20"-26"
* Lg 26"-32
* XLg 32"-38

Bella K9 Bling collars close with an ADJUSTABLE martingale made of welded stainless-steel, that accommodate 20-38 inches.  Each collar is lined in Bella K9 Bling's signature purple embossed Italian Croco leather and comes with an interchangeable name fob so you can change out collars to match your outfit as easily as changing shoes.  Bella K9 Bling collars also have a "secret!"  We call it "Bella's Little Secret!"  Under each Bella K9 Bling collar is a hidden pocket, just large enough for a doggy bag, "coffee cash," license tags, pup locator, etc.  How nice it is to always be prepared for a walk in the park. 

We hope you will enjoy the love and craftsmanship that goes into every Bella K9 Bling design.  Different seasons of the calendar and life call for different expressions of celebration.  Bella K9 Bling looks forward to creating and providing designs that help to externally express a BIG dog's inner beauty externally for every occasion.  

The BLING is BIG, but releases are limited to assure quick delivery time.  Check our site frequently for new and available collections.

2.75” Military Appreciation