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Frequent Questions Regarding

Strength and Beauty - Pose and Purpose

Does BK9B make collars for my dog?

While BK9B welcomes custom orders, our production collars range in size from 9 to 36 inches. The progression of collar width ranges from 3/4 to 2.75 inches.  






When can my dog wear its BK9B collar?

While there are different collar needs for different collar uses, BK9B users love the comfort of their collars for 24/7 wear.  Our collars can be worn symphoniously with harnesses, halters and training collars 


How do I adjust my BK9B martingale?

How long will my BK9B collar fit my growing giant(or other)?

Collections are designed with fast growing giant breeds, and the needs these pups come with.

-Going Home Puppy Bling offers a 6-inch growth margin for those exponential growth spurts 

-Regular buckle collars offer a 4-inch growth

-Tween Martingales offer a 3-inch margin - growing giant may also receive the larger and longer chain with heavier quick link upon request.

-BIG Bling Martingales offer a 6-inch margin 

What are BK9B Collars made of?

BK9B uses top-quality materials for top-quality performance.


- BIG Bling Martingales (D-rings, chain & quick link) are made with

   welded stainless steel. 

- BK9B Branding conchos - double Chicago screw - were

   designed and made by an equine equipment manufacturing

   company in the USA with structural demands in mind.

- All collars are made with top grade leather for high-quality,

   long-time wear. 

Tween size martingales use welded nickel plated iron

All quick links are made of stainless steel for strength and

   corrosion control 

- Rhinestones are glass for scratch resistance

BK9B martingale chains and accompanied quick linked are chosen and designed to work together.  This design, allows the user to fold surplus links into the quick link, as well as "unfold" the chain to grow with your pup.  If your pup is mature, and you don't anticipate using the collar on another pup you can cut surplus links off with a bolt cutter.