Bella K9 Bling is always looking for ways to expand our "wardrobe" of collars.  We want to hear how you would like to expand upon your collar wardrobe. Maybe it's with or without the hair-on-hide base? Maybe it's different colored leather, different conchos in lieu of the glass conchos?  What are your "team colors?"

Inspiration is everywhere, please share yours with us. 

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Will the BIG Bling collection fit my pup?


 - The BIG Bling collection accommodates neck sizes from 17 inches and above and is 2.75-inches wide.  Please contact us directly if you need a larger size than 34-inches.


Will the BK9B offer other sizes?


 - Yes.  BK9B will offer smaller collections to fit younger or smaller furbabies.  Please check our site frequently, subscribe to BK9B website and/or follow BK9B on Instagram and/or Facebook to discover new and exciting BK9B collections.


How many color themes are in the BIG Bling collection?


 - There are 15 different colored themes, comprising of 11 different colored rhinestones placed on a black, brown or blond/white hair-on-hide collar base.


-Amber Brown     -Amethyst Purple   -Classic Black    -Gold

-Diamond Clear   -Sapphire Blue        -Ruby Red       -Turquoise

-Pretty in Pink     -Emerald Green      -Volcano


How often will a new color theme be released?


 - About once a month BK9B will release 3 to 4 different color themes of the BIG Bling collection.


How adjustable is the martingale?


 - Each size, S (17-22), M (20-26), L (24-30), and XL (28-34) has a 6-inch range of adjustment


How do I adjust the martingale?


 - The martingale chain was chosen for its easy, collapsible nature, facilitating the number of links used to adjust collar size.  Simply:

      - Place collar on furbaby

      - Remove adjustable link

      - Pinch martingale links together so collar fits to desired size

      - Collapse surplus links into adjustable link or you may remove surplus links with "bolt cutters" if no further adjustment if needed

- Screw close the adjustable link with surplus martingale links 

- Tightening of collar is needed if name fob touches the ground when collar is worn


Why use stainless steel?


 - Stainless steel is highly rust resistant, offering years of high-quality enjoyment

Why limited releases?


 - Limited releases allow BK9B to assure high quality-control, fast shipment time and the level of customer service that makes BK9B as special as their collars.  


Are BK9B Collars numbered?


 -Yes.  Each limited-edition collection is numbered to for collection purposes. 


How do I engrave my name fab?


 - Any jewelry engraving business should be able to engrave the name fob included in the BIG Bling collection. 


Why use a short/traffic lead?


 - Ease of use in close settings, training, and convenience of size make our short/traffic lead VERY popular with tall dogs, or any situation where "less is more."


How do I  interchange my engravable name fob?


 - A handy snap facilitates the "swapping" of the name fob with collars as easy as changing your shoes to match your outfit.


Does BK9B gift wrap?


 - Yes.  Every BK9B shipment is "gift-wrapped" with tissue and a lovely storage box. You are welcome to contact us directly to add a personal message.



How many "doggy bags" fit in the collar?


 - Depending upon other items (tracker, money, cards, etc.) at least one large and two small waste bags should fit into the hidden pocket placed under the collar.  


Does BK9B release BIG Bling collections early upon request?


 - Yes.  Please contact us directly to discuss future color themes and/or your personal requests to represent a sport's team, kennel, holiday, school, etc. with color themes.


Does BK9B take custom orders?


 - Yes.  Please contact us directly to discuss your personal requests.


Does BK9B work with breeders?


 - Yes. Puppy Bling is a GREAT way to offer additional value to your pup when arriving at their furever home.  Please contact us directly to discuss how we can personalize your pup's presentation.

Does BK9B ship abroad?


 - Yes.  BK9B LOVES to share their pup passion worldwide.


How soon will I get my order?


 - Most orders ship out within 2 days..  Custom orders vary upon reqest and quantity.